This thing really SUCKS!!!

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Re: This thing really SUCKS!!!

Post by whateg0 » Sat Sep 07, 2013 3:33 am


I've seen ads for that Oneida thing before, but I've always been skeptical of it. Do you know if it works as well as a bigger one? I guess that's the hangup for me. It's so tiny compared to ALL of the others I've ever seen built or sold.


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Re: This thing really SUCKS!!!

Post by oldgoaly » Tue Sep 17, 2013 3:24 pm

This is version 3, version one was the smaller hoses, swarfs clogged the hose inlet so went to the 2.5" hoses. Version 2 duh??? didn't fit the hoses, (let my son measure, didn't double check him). Version 3, 6 gallon bucket and a plywood added to the lid. The baffle is my idea to see if I could keep the swarfs in the bucket and out of the filter, YEP! it works better than I thought it would. Since I'm more worried about swarfs from the lathes and mill and not dust I thought I'd try this 1st. and yes I've dumped it over and the swarfs stayed in the separator.
Now why didn't I do this years ago???? Remember to use a bucket that had liquid in it cause a dry goods may not have a gasket in the lid.
turning an adapter on the lathe
look at the baffle
another view of the baffle
inlet and outlet top view
clueless near st.louis

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