Import Foot Clamp Brakes

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Import Foot Clamp Brakes

Post by reidry » Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:21 pm

Does anyone have any experience with the import brakes that use the foot clamp? They come in a 40" and a 50" variety. I've been looking for a box & pan brake 36" or a little wider for some time. I need to work with mild steel up to 14 ga, and some .063 aluminum. I would also like to bend the occasional piece of 1/8" aluminum at a maximum of 12" wide with a generous 1" radius.

The 40" foot clamp euro style brakes advertise 12ga capacity, certainly seems they would meet my mild steel and light weight aluminum requirements. Will these machines bend 1/8" aluminum at less than full width, the grizzly spec sheet claims 6 gauge aluminum ... would that be only in the T0 fully annealed condition?

The 40" machines include:

Jet BPF-1240 ... amp/752125

Baileigh BB-4012F ... e-bb-4012f

Grizzly G0578

The Grizzly is discontinued, the Baileigh $1.9K and the Jet $2.8K ... is there a difference in the quality of manufacturing?

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Re: Import Foot Clamp Brakes

Post by steamin10 » Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:39 pm

HeY! I built a 54" throat leaf brake with some cut 1/2 inch material and basic channel and angle shapes. (It takes 48" no problem). I do not have box abilities as the bending jaws are not removable and are the side of an angle iron. I had to bolt mine to the floor, as the 3 foot handles would chase this thing across the floor on a bend. Full width 16 Ga. no problem. 10 ga. or 1/8 good for about 2 ft wide. You'll get a hernia trying to bend this heavy, and the heavier the more deflection and radious you'll get finished. It has about $100 in channel and bushings, and is presently sitting in the rain.

You'll find all these machines are China, and that means rough finish on the jaws, if they are finger type. Some models are too soft, and may warp on heavy bends.

That is a lot to pay just to bend metal. Look in used industrial stuff, you can easily get lucky on a small shop brake. Dont buy one for duct work, it is not strong enough for heavy sheet. You have to adjust the throat to get close.
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