Trip to Ohio

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Trip to Ohio

Post by steamin10 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 11:49 pm

:oops: :( Iam on a spare samsung laptop,, and it just swallowed my post. Oh, well.
My tower is bonks and wont run the start program. It sounds like the boot program is being lost on the hard drive as it just flashes the monitor and goes to start choices again. Tiger Direct has some refurb Dell puters for $89 with shipping and may be my next stop. I have 7 dead computers now melting into parts.

Any way we traveled 5 hours to the Ohio Poultry Nationals to gawk at the squawking birds. We found a willing seller and picked up 6 Polish show birds for a low price. This prompted the purchase of a showbox to transport our new charges home in style, and be copied in effigee for future sale projects. Simple in design and assembled with a bradder and glue, and a dozen construction screws..They can be shipped flat and take 5 minutes to screw gun together.

We have been asked to take in two rescue goats but they are horned and not really able to fit into our setting. Horns present some special problems with entanglements in wire fence and aggresion problems in wethers as they play attack and dominate in pecking order.
so with 2 wethered males already I dont think this is a go. With the change of the season, the leaves are dying back, which means more paid feeding.

Today Mom noticed the sump pit full and clicked the pump on. Nada. Smart girl, we caught a dead switch after all the rain these last few days. I direct wired it for a test and it ran fine. I got into the drawers and pulled up a new one and afew minutes later had everything adjusted in. We are dry.

I am going to the doc for a MRI b/c of a breathing problem. Some pills have removed some symptoms but the problem of shortness of breath is still at a scary point.

well, Iwill close b/c of this laptop I hate, but I am still here in my adventures. Much to do and not feeling well in the cold. supposed to hit 50s next week. Laters.
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Re: Trip to Ohio

Post by mcostello » Mon Nov 20, 2017 10:36 pm

Shoulda stopped in Lancaster, I would of shown You the high spot,not plural, small town.

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