Installing Bearing on Dremel Shaft

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Re: Installing Bearing on Dremel Shaft

Post by ALCOSTEAM » Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:53 pm

I recently picked up one of the Milwaukee M12 cordless rotary tools and its way smoother than any dremel tool I have ever used.. Price for the kit with battery, charger and carrying bag was under 100 bucks.

did I mention its cordless

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Re: Installing Bearing on Dremel Shaft

Post by steamin10 » Fri Jun 22, 2018 12:29 pm

In thee roll shop where i once worked they provided bronze hammers to work on the binding rings for the bearing segments. There was no real reason to have non sparking hammers a three pounder for making things along would have been fine. But being bronze there were many found in one dolts locker practically new with the handle sawed off.

My dreml is noisy but still serves. i have a new one, also corded in the new designer orange colors. I also have an assortment of tips and cratex type stone by the hundreds in boxes, from when I detailed chevy heads. i find it inferior to the long snouted handi-grinder of a forgotten name that was twice the size and weight. But it was a powerful beast and did a lot of work fast for me working around the presses and keeping dies in shape and polished. I changed bearings in my dremel some time ago and did not find it challenging to do. I thought they were needlessly expensive, but that is probably because of the position in the supply line.
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