stuff happens over time

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stuff happens over time

Post by spro » Thu Sep 20, 2018 1:13 am

All my early cars were $25 because I was a kid and had to rebuild sections. Kingpins and kingpin reamers. Dad was there and told me. This is old to do again. Sure, I have these tools. I watched and assisted my Dad while he rebuilt the front suspension. Do you know what that meant forever ?
Have we not, have the illustration of your Dad and you removing the "oil pan" . There will be troubles up the road but dear dad didn't cause it.
The finger was right there pointing at the rod bearings as opposed to main bearings. Many things I learned from my Dad because we were right there and concentrated upon that one thing, together.
Mom comes out and says in different ways Your dinner is getting cold . Then it was getting colder . Frustration was a level where things put aside and surely scrubbed ourselves and had a fine meal. Dad would have been 40 years younger than me now.

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