An American Made Christmas Present

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An American Made Christmas Present

Post by RONALD » Sun Dec 26, 2021 11:53 am

In July, I opened a drawer by my computer and reached for my cheap headset, only to realize the foam rubber ear pieces were disintegrating-too old!

A few weeks ago I decided to buy a new, better quality headset. I have a 90’s Yamaha, “Made In Japan” HiFi set-up in my living room; I looked for a Yamaha “Made In Japan” headset.

Turns out, today, most headsets are made in China, and that was true of Yamaha; I searched for Made In USA!

What I found was a small company in Brooklyn, New York, that has been making headsets and other acoustic devices since 1954.

What was unique about this company was a rather delightful, homey tour of their facilities.

It’s amazing they were able to survive so long, and here is that site:

Their use of old equipment, is more akin to those who inhabit this Home Machinist site, rather than a robotic, 3D printing, modern manufacturing company, it should be of interest to you.

I bought their model SR325x after I looked at the video. It has a sorta “Retro Look” like something from the 1930’s. Acoustic response for my now much older ears is good.

Back in the early 60’s I had worked for Shure Brothers as an engineer. Shure had the same kind of production techniques, but on a bigger scale. Today, I believe little of Shure’s or any other big company's stuff is made in the USA!

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