Can I get copy of the site?

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Can I get copy of the site?

Post by SteveR »


Nothing lasts forever, especially on the world wide web! If I wanted a copy of this site, how much would it cost and what would I store it on?

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Re: Can I get copy of the site?

Post by Harold_V »

I'll bring this to the owner's attention.

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Re: Can I get copy of the site?

Post by dorin »

After all of these years, the website and associated content are huge.
I am not sure making a copy would be practical.
I do make regular incremental backups to a server located at a different site.

Also, just doing a copy of the database would also include personal information on the members, which
needs to be kept private.
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Re: Can I get copy of the site?

Post by atunguyd »

This may be possible to do without getting personal data or even involving the site admin. As it is a phpBB forum you can follow the advise on this post on how to scrape all the posts to your hard drive. It will require some computer literacy though. ... hpbb-forum

Essentially just search for "phpBB forum scraper" and you may get lucky with something that will work.
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