FS: CDI Chicago knife edge base depth micrometer .125" range

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FS: CDI Chicago knife edge base depth micrometer .125" range

Post by discodan » Sat Mar 09, 2019 9:46 pm

CDI Chicago knife edge base depth micrometer. Measures depths of slots, grooves, recesses, etc. With knife edge base, and needle point contact, depths of up to .125" can be accurately measured. The cut-out base center allows an unobstructed view of the point. Zero is set with the fully-retracted contact point positioned flush with the base edge. It is fully jeweled. Sapphire bearings mount directly into upper and lower plates with no auxiliary bushings, reducing the possibility of misalignment. Highly polished jewels have an olive hole design which, together with CDI hardened and burnished pivots, provide lowest possible bearing friction and maximum resistance to wear. Jeweled bearing movements are recommended for heavy use applications and whenever extremely high sensitivity is required.

They are $225 brand new. Asking $95 OBRO plus shipping. Appears to be unused.

Please PM if interested.

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