One man's insanity---the story of an induction furnace

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Re: One man's insanity---the story of an induction furnace

Post by Harold_V » Mon Sep 24, 2018 3:05 pm

Thanks, Jim. That's likely to be useful when I finally start setting the two furnaces in place. Mean time, I picked up a huge radiator which will help dissipate heat. Got it at an auction, new, for only $40. A little damage to some of the fins, but that doesn't worry me. It, along with a little fresh water, should handle the heat I'll generate.

Ajax had warned (in the manual they provided) about not using water that was too cold. I understand about not operating at a temp where it will condense. Seems they recommend feed water temp around 90°F.

I doubt I'd ever have to run more than one furnace, although that may not be true. The power supply has provisions for two, but only one at a time can be operated, so I don't have to worry about compounding heat output.

Right now I'm working towards finishing the muller I rebuilt. When that's done, as well as the gib crane that will handle the ladle, I'll then start assembling the furnaces and the casting area. I have to finish the other projects first, as I won't have access with my fork lift once the furnaces are in place.

Way too much work, and not enough time, but we're making progress. :-)

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Re: One man's insanity---the story of an induction furnace

Post by DavidF » Mon Sep 24, 2018 6:24 pm

but I didn't anticipate the 20 years of lost time in building our shop and house
You could have saved a lot of time by just buying the lumber instead of planting seeds and waiting for trees to grow.. :lol: :lol:
In all seriousness though, I do understand how life loves to throw us curve balls and admire that your are still pushing on with your endeavor and looking forward to seeing the end results.
So that being said, stick the nose back to the grind stone and get on with it!! :D

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