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Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:25 am
by steamin10
Just a blurb that I found two carb kits on Ebay for my 92 1400 Suzuki Intruder.. Due to some obstruction in the fuel system it wont run right and coughs on throttle up. With the kit in hand I have enlisted the aid of a fellow two wheeler, who is reportedly handy with two wheeler Asian bikes. so we will get this 12 k mile machine back on the road. I took it out of winter dry storage this April 1st, (appropriate enough eh!) and now we do all the little service details needed. due to the fault, I have put about 60 miles on, fearing damage with too lean conditions. I used some Seafaom in the fuel, but it is too bad to clear up, so back to the manual way, instead of mechanic inna can. The purple and black machine is a good looker, but that doesnt matter if it wont travel the roads. Parts are hard to chase down for this antiquer, and it is the heaviest machine I have owned being a road bike. my favs were the K-5 750 model Honda, that I owned 5 of bought new. In less than two years I would have 40-60 k on them, and trade or sell them out. I basically quit riding in the mid 80's because the travel up here with around town stuff got dangerous with bad drivers and congestion. I worked alot and traveled little. Now retired I want to retrace some trails and take some trips I missed when I was young.

Stay tuned and we will see what it takes to get rolling again.

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Sat Apr 09, 2016 10:10 am
by NP317
Fun to hear that you are "resurrecting" your Suzi. Keep us posted on progress.

My two motorcycles remain functional throughout the winters. Not so severe weather here in northern Oregon.
The sidecar rig can be especially useful in the snow!
Right now I can't ride them until I get at least 120 degree motion in my new bionic right knee. 'Just 17 days since "installation."
Talk about finding parts for an "antiquer". Easier for our bodies than for many of our treasured machines.

My Friends keep telling my I need to turn my Russian Ural sidecar rig into a steam-powered one!
Yea, we've actually done some serious thinking on that...
First, I may remove the passenger tub and install rails to haul my live steam locomotive around.
THAT would be a sight!

Ride safe, and often.

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Mon Apr 11, 2016 8:06 pm
by steamin10
LOL,Uh bionic? I dunno about that, but good luck. The replacements are getting better all the time.

The Suzuki was my cousins, and stored for 4 years after he got the Gold wing. He made 4 trips to Vegas with the Suzi on a trailer, and then putt around town. (cheater!) Thats why the low mileage. It was affordable, so it will last my days.

A side hack huh. When our band of kids were about 13 we built the Maytag flyer, to terrorize our little town with. With the remains of an Excelsior bycycle, a maytag putter, and the engine cover from some boat, we built a side car onto a motorizewd bike, and had fun until the cops run us off, (many times). My first experience in law and politics, as it was not illegal, until the town ruled against it. Not 5 BHP so it did not require a state license. How times change.

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 9:59 am
by NP317
That's a great story about your Maytag Flyer!
I suspect much of the engineering prowess in the USA started with such home-town messing about.
Thanks for sharing.

Here at the Hood River (Oregon) WAAAMuseum, there is a reproduction of one of those HUGE front wheeled bicycles, but with two small rear wheels for stability. It's powered by an old Maytag washing machine motor, and was again putting around the taxiways during last Saturday's Monthly open house, ridden by the 80+ year-old woman who created it!
Life is fun and interesting here.

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:39 pm
by steamin10
As an only child, I generated many such stories. Dad grew up in the dirty 30's, and I loved his stories of farm life, make do, and skull duggary. It happens that I was hearing deficient since age 5, from a serious infection, so with limited understanding I turned to books, and learned in a different way, and learned connections of why things are done certain ways. I thought I was clever. Many thought me troublesome, or crazy. I figured out, when very young how a certain person could walk on water. So I put gourds on my feet to demonstrate. Pert near drowned that day, that wasnt it. That led to a tin bucket, and three bicycle tire pumps and walking on a pond bottom. The fire department guys were not impressed. After the Flyer, came the rocket launch from the football field, and the official uproar over 'trying to shoot down airplanes'. Ridiculous, I put my address on it, I wanted it back. All sorts of things that went wrong, with good intentions. But they werent failures, just criticism. Ever tie two semi tires together, get in, and roll it down a hill? Thats a ride you wont do many times. :lol:

I got my second service manual the other day, on CD. Naturally I cant find the first one. So $7 for a game plan, and thats the way it goes. The Suzi 1400 is the largest cc, and ninth 2 wheeler to be ridden. Honda CT70, CL100, K2, K4, K5,x3, a 550, CB350, and now the 1400. There were 3 others, that I never rode. I still have a K4 in the fallen barn. I know Honda design, but Suzi's are a bit weird. I also had 3 three wheelers for the kids, all used, and finally, a 400 Suzuki 4 wheeler, (that never wanted to start) and two Honda 300, 4 wheelers.

I will try to give up some info on this adventure, but it is in the hands of another, so I dont know all the moves yet, except it is a clubhouse waiting to get shopped. TTFN

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:06 am
by steamin10
Of all things two buddies are working on my Intruder. They tore it apart last weekend and , BEHOLD! There is a mouse nest in the carb tube to one cylinder. The air filter is completely ate out. I wondered why the soft bags were hung in a closet. When I cleaned and polished them, there was a mouse hole the size of a quarter in the side of it, so I assume that problem has now carried over into this situation, making me look like a total doof for not being fussy, in my checkout. i know that the one carb leaked, but never got past the first 60 miles. SOooo, I have to eat my pride on this one, and admit I goofed, and did not catch the fault before getting panicked, and calling for help. As it works out there is no replacement available, and the order is on back order for now. In a coupla days, if not brought to the counter, another option, will be sought for supply. The 'guys' have taken down the carbs, and begun the cleanup, so progress is being made at a glacial pace. So I wait like a reluctant pop, for good news.


Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:25 pm
by NP317
How nice to have such good help! Your Suzi will be running again soon.

Mouse story:
My motorcycle friend was getting his Ural back to operation after 3months storage in his garage. He went ahead and fired it up, to be surprised by the big BANG and THUD as a mouse shot out of one of the exhaust pipes and smacked into the garage door!
Ural: 1
Mouse: 0

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 2:47 am
by steamin10
The carbs are done, but cant be fine tuned until air filter is fitted out. A search of local sources is being made. the back order will become spares if the time is wrong.

I am hearing many horror stories about mice and stored things, Like chaps and leathers hung in garages becoming mouse eaten, along with soft bags like mine. Camping equipment, soft chairs, and all that stuff, being holed by the little beasties. Large totes with lids are no salvation either, as they can chew through the roundy corners near the floor and make a home in the contents.

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Tue May 17, 2016 11:53 pm
by steamin10
OH BOOO! I got the message to move my ride form the clubhouse, and my Cuz' and I went to pick it up. It did not want to start at first, as with the green neutral light on, the starter was dead. Fiddling with the shifter on the 4 speed got another green, and she fired off right on. Unfortunately the clutch will not fully release, and the trans is draggy, not full released. So off we go, on the short ride home, and shifting with a goofy clutch is not fun, trying to drag you through each stop. About half way home, the Suzi began to sputter, so knowing that sound I pulled into a gas stop, and put 2 gallons of 97 in. A hundred yards later, I think I flushed the tank. This thing is popping and choking at idle like a tin lizzie. Off idle and above it is go-go time.

So this morning I looked at the juice clutch , and the white indicator window looks empty. I popped the top,, and YEEECH! This reservoir is full of water. so now the entire wet system has to be drained and flushed before anything else. I will use the service drains on the carb bowls to see if I get any goop out of them, and finish some other checkouts, before I fire it up again..

What are the chances something has rusted corroded in the wet clutch system, so that it must be rebuilt?

Re: Mystic parts for a slow ride

Posted: Sat Jun 04, 2016 12:50 am
by spro
Can't say about the clutch. Once it is drained and flushed, refilled, (I Bet) caught it in time. Other things with other projects show that engines have not run in decades. The engine is good because it quit running so long ago. The float bowl filled with crap and that means the fuel pump is full of crap. The gas tank is rotted because it had crap in it. Btw, I'm talking about one of my small tractors.LOL