Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in1

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Re: Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in

Post by LX Kid » Sun May 17, 2015 6:57 pm

ken572 wrote:Hello turntwo,

Welcome to The Home Machinist Forum.
We have many great and very smart people in this forum,
that are always eager to help when and where they can.
In answer to your question about The Wholesale Tool.
3 in 1 Lathe Mill Drill Multi-Purpose Machine, Item #3014-0015
It seems to be in the family of 3 in 1's listed as follow's.
Harbor Freight's - Item/Model # HF44142
Grizzly's - Item/Model # G9729
Smithy's - Item/Model # Midas-1220LTD
Enco's - Item/Model # 328-1310
Chizhou GHF Machinery Co.,Ltd - Item/Model # CNCHQ800
Bolton Tools - Item/Model # AT750
Craftex - Item/Model # B2229
Everbest - Item/Model # EB-HQ800
QTMT - Item # 87-115-935/Model # QT25531
SUMORE - Item # SP2307/Model # SP2307
and I'm sure you will find more as you do your research.
You will find that some, (but not all parts) will possibly
be interchangable. You will be on your own when and if you do
your research etc. Some times (nowadays) if it looks like a duck
it will fool you and bark like a dog :lol: For the most part you can
make most components work with lite mod's etc.
I have been told more good then bad about Wholesale Tool.
My only complaint about them is they like alot of others don't have
manuals in .pdf format :shock: NOT GOOD FOR SALE's, downloads
are cheap and great advertizer's (HELLO) :idea: :idea: :lol:
I like my HF44142 alot.. :D With that said, with any of the 3 in 1's
made today, when it arrives at your shop, even though it is brand new :o
Go over everything and read everything that comes with it so you get
to know it well. Do proper install, (SHIMS) level, indicate, align, firmly
secure the machine in place. take off all the covers and clean it well and
relube it. Sometimes the factory leaves MFG.,dirt and grime in and on
the machine, and might also forget to lube something or not lube it
enough etc. Check and adjust all belts, check and tighten all wire
connection's. Check and tighten all nuts, bolts, screws etc. BEFORE
you power it up, manually turn anything that turns to feel for tight spots
and or loose slop etc. If found fix first, then run the machine slow to start
and run it in.
This is all the info I could find for you. (The Rest Is For You To Research) :wink:

3-in-1 R8 Multi-Purpose Machine (WT)
Order Number: 3014-0015
item/model # 3014-0015
Price $1779.00 (Seems High)
Shipping included .. unknown
Steady rest item # 3014-0020 $69.00 Extra plus shipping.
Follow rest item # 3014-0025 $59.00 Extra plus shipping.
Machine Stand shown.. Included FREE
(Looks like drip pan is attached to the stand)
Change Gears included.. YES – Which ones is unknown???
Operator Manual / Parts Book - None listed to download???

Main Customer Service 1-800-521-3420
Email address – None offered or listed
This multi-purpose machine is suitable for processing metal, wood
and other materials. It consists of bed, headstock, drilling and
milling units, work table, tailstock and motor. It incorporates
turning, thread cutting, drilling and milling in one machine.
Includes free stand! Uses milling X and Y power feed Drill/mill
head rotates 180 degrees Workable feed can be controlled automatically
and manually in longitudinal and cross direction. Cross direction
provides power feed for milling operation. Includes 5-inch three-jaw
chuck, 3MT and 4MT dead centers, four-way tool post, change gears,
and 1/2-inch drill chuck with R8 arbor.
BRAND ??? Maybe - (WT) :? :?

Spindle Speed(s): 16 (120-3,000 RPM)
Table Size: 18-11/16" x 6-19/64"
Spindle Distance: Nose to table, 12-3/64"; center and column, 11-7/32"
Hole Through Spindle: 1-3/32"
Motor: 3/4 hp, 1 ph., 110V
Tailstock Travel: 3"
Spindle Taper: R8 (drill/mill), 4 MT (turning)
Capacity: 55/64" drill; 1-3/32" end mill; 3-1/8" milling cutter
Thread Size: Longitudinal lead screw, 6 TPI/4 mm; inch, 4-120 TPI/0.2-6 mm
Feed: 0.002-0.014"/0.05-0.35 mm
Spindle Travel: 4-21/64" (mill/drill)
Tailstock Taper: 3MT
Longitudinal Travel: 18-7/64" max.
Swing Over Bed: 16-1/2"
Distance Bet. Centers: 31-1/2"
Net Weight: 506 lbs.
Cross Slide Travel: 7-7/8" max

Ken. :)
Yours appears to be just like my Grizzly G9729 with the exception of the R8 spindle and mine is MT3.

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Re: Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in1

Post by Castaway » Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:30 am

Hello guys,

I just stopped by to tell you something about the CX 16 on Page two. its in turning mode in the Picture.
It's a Chinese Clone of a German, yeah, kind of gunsmith, Scale builder and fine mechanics mill.
The original is the GOLmatic MD23/24 by Gottfried Prechtl, a gunsmith from Germany.

It is considered to be one of the very few, if not the only, benchtop mill with a reasonable capability. I is also very versatile, vertical milling ("main function"), horizontal milling, turning and drilling, also it has to be rearanged every time you want to turn or mill horizontally.
Its precision is DIN certified, but it comes with a minus point for shure: The pricetag!

As far as i know, the MD23 costs around 10000€ and the MD24 witch has accessories for turning and horizontal milling in the package costs over 15000€.

Many people think they are well worth the price and they are willing to wait many month to years from order to delivery. Its not a hobby mill, its a professional piece of tool.

And a link, unfortunately only in german i think, if its allowed:


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Re: Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in

Post by pete » Sat Mar 03, 2018 7:03 pm

juiceclone wrote:
Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:51 pm
I have had almost the exact same machine for two years now and it works quite well. Especially in comparison to the 3in1 units with the mill over the lathe spindle which was what I was using previously. They are apparently made by "Sumore Tools" in Shanghai. Their better models are not sold in the US and I had to import it directly from the manufacturer myself, but it was worth the trouble. Did not get much support after though. Had to machine my own gears for some Imperial thread sizes. Mine had no fine feed on the mill quill and had to make that too. Looks like yours does have it. I think you have a couple models up from mine. As anything Chinese it is well to take as much apart as you feel comfortable with and verify that it was assembled correctly. enjoy :P
Well these machines are sold in North America. Quality Machine Tools would be one vendor in the US and there's at least one in Quebec for Canadians.

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Re: Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in1

Post by toddalin » Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:37 pm

I have a ShopTask Tri-power fitted with manual, power, and CNC feeds, and a Jenix DRO.

Biggest problem with Chinese machines is that they are all "hand-fitted" with off the shelf parts. Break a part, and chances are that the replacement won't fit properly because you didn't have 500 on hand to choose from to get one that does fit properly.

Also, don't believe any of the "scales" that may be fitted on the machine until you've verified them. My table has 11" of travel in the Y-direction. The first time the scale reached 4.5" in one direction under power-feed, it snapped the spline shaft because the scale was over an 1" off in it's location.

So I had to get a spline shaft and they were not available from ShopTask. I got three from Smithy and one of the three fit, even though they were all the same part (again off the shelf Chinese). This then had to be milled to the proper length in the mill section and my power feed for the lathe was fixed. (Yes, I moved the scale over >1".) I also made a set of magnetic table limit switches to avoid this happening again. This also saves my cheap Chinese power switches that are prone to failure as I can turn on the switch, then turn on the contactor attached to the table limit switches and this avoids arcing at the Chinese power switches.

Then the spline shaft for the mill froze and damaged it. I sent the quill to Shoptask and they could no longer match it. So they replaced the quill with a shorter version (3.5" of travel vs 4" that I had) and sent it back, and you guessed it, the new spline shaft was a hair too big to fit the pulley diameter. So I sent back the quill with the pulley, and they broached the spline shaft to make it fit. This was $500 plus shipping both ways, twice, for the quill. (Second time when shaft didn't fit the pulley there was no charge except the shipping.)

My problem with trying to lathe PVC pipe is that it distorts in the chuck to get it tight and this of course distorts the cuts.

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Re: Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in1

Post by Harold_V » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:21 pm

toddalin wrote:
Sun Mar 04, 2018 2:37 pm
My problem with trying to lathe PVC pipe is that it distorts in the chuck to get it tight and this of course distorts the cuts.
I suspect that you don't have the ability to use soft jaws, which would minimize, if not eliminate, that problem. If the material isn't round at the outset, which is likely the case, gripping it with pie jaws still offers the chance of distortion, although generally not as severely.

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Re: Brand Names, Model #'s, of known Lathe, Mill, Drill 3in1

Post by John Hasler » Sun Mar 04, 2018 5:29 pm

I almost always use some sort of mandrel with PVC pipe. Even a wooden plug helps a lot. You can also use segments of aluminum pipe under the chuck jaws as load spreaders.

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