G0516 change gears: removal of "F" gear?

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G0516 change gears: removal of "F" gear?

Post by torchmd » Sat Feb 05, 2011 9:14 am

Hello all. I have a new Grizzly g0516' and am still cleaning all the red goo off it. I had decided to essentially take the lathe apart to clean it up (most postings seemed to recommend it, and there seems to lots of machining grit under the gears and moving parts!) plus, what better way to figure out how it works!

However, I can't find the 'right' way to remove the F change gear. There seems no way to fix it (hold) so I can remove the nut that holds the gear in place. I am planning on taking the skirt off to clean the carriage screw and gear, so will work on it from that side, but that can't be required routinely, right? The manual is silent on how the bottom bolt is removed, but does address the top two shafts.

Any ideas or wisdom?


Addendum: well, got it loose. It seems that I was simply doing it in the wrong order... I had taken the top gears off first, so the bottom just spun on the shaft, with no wat to hold it (safely). Doing it in the reverse order, the gears held the bottom gear/shaft, and it broke loose. You ever notice that you always seem to find the answer just after you ask the question?

Oh, and I finally got all the goo off.


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Re: G0516 change gears: removal of "F" gear?

Post by bobz3denver » Wed Jan 25, 2012 12:17 pm

There's alot of "goo" on those things. It took me almost 2 weeks to get it cleaned up. And I'm still finding pockets of it here and there. I took mine apart as well - talk about "de-complicating" things! Turns out that it's a fairly straightforward machine.

By the way - there's a part. It looks like a spare handle for the coarse downfeed on the mill, except it's not threaded. It is the "locking lever". It goes in a small hole on the right hand side of the mill head, near the top. It's supposed to lock the spindle for when you need to take the mill head apart. It's engaged by turning the spindle until the lever slips through the mill head hole into a matching hole in the spindle. I share this only because this info is not in the manual, and it took a couple of weeks of browsing on G0516 before I stumbled on the answer.
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