***SOLD*** 2-1/2" scale Shay wheel center castings

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***SOLD*** 2-1/2" scale Shay wheel center castings

Post by shayloco » Mon May 02, 2016 11:52 am

These wheel centers are suitable for 2-1/2" scale Shays of the size of a Mich-Cal Shay. Some of the wheels have been rough machined, others are as cast. They finish about 5" in diameter. Tires would have to be fitted to the final diameter of your wheel. There are 12 wheel centers made of cast iron. $250 + $20 shipping. ***SOLD***
Four truck bolster ends and two drawheads for a 2-1/2" scale Shay. Cast iron.
$40 + $15 shipping. Drawheads have been sold. Bolster ends now $22 shipped in a small flat rate box. Bolster ends ***SOLD***

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