**SOLD**'LRR 84' Couplers and coupler pocket faceplates

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**SOLD**'LRR 84' Couplers and coupler pocket faceplates

Post by shayloco » Mon May 02, 2016 12:04 pm

**SOLD**The three couplers are labeled "LRR 84". They seem a little large for 1-1/2" scale but I believe that is what they were intended for. The shanks fit in the coupler box faceplate slot. There are two extra knuckles. These couplers will not mate with modern 1-1/2" scale couplers. These are offered for those who are already using this style of coupler. They must have been popular at one time as I have seen a number of them for sale.
Two of the coupler box faceplates are flat backed, the other four are intended to be attached to the end beam from beneath.
$50 + $15 shipping. Now $35 + $15 shipping. **SOLD**

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