Re-manufactured 1-1/2" Scale Searchlight ****SOLD****

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Re-manufactured 1-1/2" Scale Searchlight ****SOLD****

Post by Atkinson_Railroad » Fri Oct 27, 2017 5:02 pm

Re-manufactured 1-1/2” Scale Searchlight Signal

This wayside ground signal looks like a searchlight, and works like a searchlight.

Original Product Number D221-1AB2
Serial Number 114

Retrofitted with encapsulated 2700K chromaticity Light Emitting Diode for operation at 12 volts D.C.
Redesigned fully encapsulated permanent magnet rotor glides on super slick Teflon bearing.
Internal plano-convex lens explodes the small light source into a rather intense light beam which
must be aimed at approaching traffic.

Light source draws about 14 milliamps. Coil resistance is approximately 167 ohms at room temperature.

End user must configure how they will control the device.

Four prewired signal leads (AWG 22) exit signal base random 16 inch length.
Two of the leads connect to the light source, and the other 2 leads connect to the mechanism coil.

Current fed one direction through coil causes a projected green aspect. Reversing polarity, the unit projects a yellow aspect.
Unit returns to a red aspect when no current flows through coil.

I have solved the complaint by some end users of having to use an additional relay to reverse polarity with a new dual winding coil.
This unit DOES NOT have that feature.
As I get ramped back up to making these things again (they’ve been off the market for 14 years) the new units will have dual windings
in them thus eliminating the need for a reverse polarity relay. (I’m excited about that!)

Units are constructed from molded polyurethane.
Background, hood, ladder and mast are made out of aluminum.
Mechanical fasteners are stainless steel.
U-bolts are brass.
Clamp style base has removable cover secured by size 2-56 stainless steel nuts.
The void in the junction box base serves no practical purpose but it’s there anyway.

Nominal height is 38”

Condensed August 2003 Searchlight Manual of Operation is included but some of the information in the illustrated literature
is no longer valid because of the retrofitted components and the address on the manual would also no longer apply.

You can view electrical characteristics of the retrofitted unit operating at the You Tube video URL below.

Don’t have a railroad to install the searchlight?

I have a previously used wood base for use in displaying the signal on an end table for example
that can be tossed in the box, but it will add considerably more weight for shipping.
My thinking is the end-user will want to make their own base to meet their individual requirements.
I can attach a blank number plate to the mast you can label yourself to make it a “permissive” signal if requested.

Shipped in Contiguous U.S.A. only.

I am willing to absorb the cost of shipping in this instance because I won’t know actual shipping cost until the nice lady at the UPS shipping counter measures the dimensions of the shipping box and determines the final weight. (All the necessary protective packing material weighs more than the signal itself.)
Future offerings will have shipping added to the price.

Price: $425.00
I can accept Pay Pal, check or money order.

Send enquiries to ( with subject title: Searchlight Retrofit

Thank You!

One Unit Ground Searchlight
Ready to Ship

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Re: Re-manufactured 1-1/2" Scale Searchlight

Post by Atkinson_Railroad » Mon Oct 30, 2017 1:55 pm

Searchlight has been SOLD and Shipped.

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