Machine Shops wanted

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Steve Alley
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Machine Shops wanted

Post by Steve Alley » Tue Jun 19, 2018 1:41 pm

Hello to all.
I have been taken calls the past Three months here at Allen Models for complete engines, Ready to run. We or I don't have the time, but want to offer parts and pieces machine. I need good, dependable Machine shops to do work.
I would highly recommend to those shops out there to run add in Live Steam & Outdoor Rail Roading Magazine. The amount of calls I have got in these past months in so over welling, Some time as much as four a week. If your out there don't think about it, and Do it. You will be so busy that it would berried you for years.
I have seen a growth in this hobby and I know first hand the Hobby is growing again. More suppliers are starting up and there work is great. Old suppliers sold out and the new ones are filling the bill.
I have double the inventory here and still can't keep up at times. I have added new products and still have a lot to add more. but the big problem is fine these people that are calling to have a place to go and have there dream engine built.
Its not much of a gamble to run a add and see what it produce. Give it a year and I would bet if your quality and reputation is and good you will fine more work than you expect.
Steve Alley
Allen Models of Nevada

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Re: Machine Shops wanted

Post by cbrew » Wed Jun 20, 2018 7:14 am

Steve, after the triennial craziness has slowed down, I will be willing to take on some batch machine work for ya.
lets chat
If it is not live steam. its not worth it.

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