Little Engines 1 1/2" scale AXLE DRIVEN Water PUMP

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Little Engines 1 1/2" scale AXLE DRIVEN Water PUMP

Post by Postwarbob » Sat Nov 02, 2019 3:43 pm

This pump is almost ready to be installed. The only maching left is finishing the rod end that hooks to the axel pump plunger. The excentric is Split ( two Halves that bolt together so axel doesn't have to have wheel removed for installation . Excentric is bored for 1 1/8" axel. The pump bore is 3/4" and has a 1" stroke.Water Inlet to pump is 5/16" and top is not been threaded . Drilled for 5/ 16" . Original print is included and is very readable. These pumps were used on 1 1/2" Atlantics and Pacifics Due to there size I would say that this pump could be used on other style engines. Overall lenght from excentric to end of pump body is about 11" . Pump body by self is 3 1/2" LONG. 1 " wide and 3" overall at check valve outlets. Price which includes shipping is 265.00 . PM me if interested and thanks for looking at my listings. Postwarbob

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