Freight car brake components for sale

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Freight car brake components for sale

Post by jht1057 » Wed Jan 22, 2020 11:34 am

I am a pattern, mold and fabrication business that up until recently strictly wholesaled my products. I worked with one business in particular that sold my products exclusively...and sadly has passed away.

I am offering highly detailed freight car brake components (1.5-1.6” scale) consisting of air cylinders (20.00 ea.), air tanks (20.00 ea.) and air valves (15.00 ea.) As well as, other detailed parts for your hobby needs.
Air Cylinders
Air Cylinders
Air Valves
Also offering roof hatches (25.00 ea.) for coved hopper cars.
Roof Hatches
Roof Hatches
All components are cast in urethane, machinable and paintable, and can be cast off white or black (black is a few extra dollars).

Also offering tank car components, dome tops, hatches and domed ends.

Custom orders are available, from your drawing or pattern.

Call to order (Jim Turban) 717-576-5795...PLEASE LEAVE A MESSAGE WITH A CALL BACK NUMBER !! (I get so many scam calls a day that all calls go to voice mail)

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