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Posted: Sun Jul 26, 2020 7:59 pm
by BabyHueyBlues3751
Please disregard this thread. If you have an interest in this listing, follow this link: ... 95#p427395



First Generation 1.5” Scale/7.5” Gauge Allen Models 4-4-0 “American” Type Live Steam Locomotive and matching consist built by Legendary Live Steamer Harry Haas Sr.

Locomotive was built in the early 1980’s and is currently setup to burn Propane. The Locomotive is currently equipped with an Eccentric Engineer Injector and Vanbrocklin Steam Water Pump. As well, the tender holds a “spare” Propane Tank that can be used in emergencies as well as when needing to steam up without the Refrigerator “Reefer” Tool/Fuel Car. Engine and Tender are setup and equipped with Air Brakes. The Boiler has a current inspection/hydro test and the locomotive is in sound mechanical shape and is fully operational.

Included in the sale:

-Refrigerator “Reefer” Tool Car which is equipped with a deep cycle battery operated air compressor (battery included), a drop center floor that houses 2-Five Gallon Propane Tanks (tanks included), as well as a Tool Compartment for storage of Oils, Water Treatment, Air Hose, and all other accessories needed for fire up and servicing on the mainline (tools & parts included). Car is equipped with custom Passenger Style Express Reefer Trucks that are setup and equipped with Air Brakes. Car comes with a fitted black cover.

-Three (3) matching Gondolas in authentic D&RGW “yellow” straight from the source in Durango, CO. Each car has a bench and carpet for the passengers as well as custom passenger trucks that are setup and equipped with air brakes. Cars come with matching fitted black covers.

-2020 Carson 16’x7’ Tandem Axle Flatbed Trailer with heavy duty axles, rails installed, and support tie-down system for the entire train to be transported to any location desired.

Specs on the Trailer are as follows:
- 82" between the wheel wells (Extra Wide)
- 10" Electric Brakes
- Spare Tire Mount (spare tire not included)
- 3,500lbs Axles (7,000lbs Total)
- 5 Year California PTI Registration
- Three 16’ tracks constructed out of ⅜” x ¾” flat aluminum bar stock for transporting the entire Locomotive & Train

*Additionally included in the sale:
-Loco Parts Steam Boiler Water Glass (not installed)

-Super Scale Chicago Steam Injector (not installed)

-Three (3) Padded Boat Seats w/ seat backs for added comfort of riders built on a custom stand for each car. One of the three chairs swivels for passengers needing more mobility to get on and off the train.

This piece of Live Steam Hobby history has had two owners previous to my tenure and is currently operated and stored at the Riverside Live Steamers located in Riverside, CA.

The Price for the Steam Locomotive, matching Train Consist, and the Trailer is:


Please contact me if interested at the following email address:


Delivery may be available depending on location and other factors.

**additional photos are available at the link below**