Little Engines 1.5" 4-4-0

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Little Engines 1.5" 4-4-0

Post by mattmason » Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:55 pm

Little Engines American 4-4-0 for sale in the San Francisco Bay Area. Locomotive was built by the late Frank Huff of GGLS, who had a track at home. There is a brand new copper boiler on it. It has been run on air. Here are two pictures of it.

INCLUDED in the sale is the engine stand and truck parts for a riding car. Please contact his wife at She would like to dispose of the engine within the next four weeks, if possible. Asking price in $8900 OBO, but crating and shipping are not desirable.

I am not acting as an agent here and have no financial interest in the sale, just helping her post the sale online.
Huff 1.jpeg
Matt Mason

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Re: Little Engines 1.5" 4-4-0

Post by Postwarbob » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:21 pm

I went to look at this Loco today. First off I want to make it be known that Matt only went by what owner said.He has never seen this engine. The owner contacted him by mail and sent description an picture. It does not have a copper boiler. Previous owner was setting it up to burn propane. I did not like they way the boiler was welded (steel) and pieces were missing for the throttle. ( They might be there in the bags of parts She had) The engine picture was when the engine was first built and does not look as nice anymore. I think it would be possible to restore this engine back to original condition but it's going to take some work and money. The owner is very nice and she doesn't understand alot about live steam but is very willing to work with someone on the purchase. I explained to her that it will not sell for what it is listed for and she understands that.( Make an offer) The workmanship on the running gear seems to be very good. The Railroad he built at there house was awesome .If you have any more questions feel free to PM me... Bob.......

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