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Book sets for sale

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:59 am
by locoparts
I would prefer to sell these here rather than mess with ebay
My wife is still after me to start getting rid of stuff for when we downsize (shudder!) in a few years. I have these 2 sets of books available for a reasonable offer: Email me off-line with your offer. I will hold this open to offers through 20 Aug 2011.

Set 1
Science of Railways Cyclopedia, 6 volumes. Locomotive Practice, vols I and II, Electrical Practice, Operating Trains, Air Brake Practice vols I and II. These are copywrite 1926, and are in good condition. Ships for $20.

Set 2
International Library of Technology, Have no idea how many volumes there are to the complete set but I have 4. Published 1924, in good condition, ships for $20.
1. Compound Locomotives, Train rules, headlights, superheaters
2. Locomotive Management, Valve gears, Breakdowns, stokers
3. Westinghouse air brake
4. Westinghouse air brake

Don Orr