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Seeking Model Engine Advice

Posted: Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:41 pm
by JohnPower
This is my first post, feel free to let me know if this post is inappropriate. Here's the story: I am seeking information and advice about 2 model engines and drawings that were made several years ago by a distant relative. These models and drawings were acquired in the estate, I am looking for information and also their value should selling them be pursued. My understanding is they were meticulously made over several years by the relative in his retirement. #1 Triple Expansion Engine by O.B Bolton. The Model is about approx 16" tall x 16" wide x 12" deep, included are 10 sheets of blueprints. #2 "Corliss" Stationary Steam Engine, approx 20" long x 12" high x 12" deep included are 5 sheets of blueprints from Coles Power Models, Ventura CA. The models are in excellent condition, light rust on a few parts, everything turns smoothly