Detail Parts and Accessories from Little Engines

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Detail Parts and Accessories from Little Engines

Post by Highiron » Thu Jul 28, 2016 8:42 am

This is an update to let folks know I have recently purchased the detail portion of Railroad Warehouse (1.5/1.6" scale)
We are currently cataloging, inventory, and making waxes for parts.
We hope to have a new flyer out next month with the details and specifics of what we will be adding to the LE line
between these parts and the new ones we are developing we will add over 65 items to our already large inventory of parts

some items are but not limited to
Nathan Water Glass
4 different door dogs
bells top and front
6 different brake wheels
Ajax Brake housing
Cut levers
hinges working and dummy
11 different handrail stanchions
old tome brake ratchet assemblies
more head lights
Grab irons
Dummy Angle cock assemblies
Dummy Glad hands
Westing House brake stands
brake handles
mini square head lag bolts
and much, much more

If you were familiar with the RRW detail line and need something please contact me and we will get you what you need, I do hope to have a detail part update flyer out in 3 weeks or so

Little Engines

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