2 1/2" scale flat car - Triennial or Bust

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2 1/2" scale flat car - Triennial or Bust

Post by senorgilamonster » Wed Jan 17, 2018 7:57 pm

This year I am going to cross something off of my bucket list: The Train Mountain Triennial.

I already have a mostly finished bobber caboose. Next up: A flat car and the S.P. Narrow Gauge Diesel.

The flat car is based on Harlock's flatcar in a day. http://www.chaski.org/homemachinist/vie ... it=harlock

The biggest difference between this build and Harlok's is that I scored some Engineered Wood T&G flooring pre stained in Golden Oak at the thrift store that I will use as the decking. It is thinner than I would have preferred, and the individual boards are wider than I would have liked...but the ease and cost can't be beat.

I started cutting the flooring down to 20" widths 8 boards at a time.
cutting decking.jpg

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