Observe an “Ops Meet” remotely in real-time!

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Observe an “Ops Meet” remotely in real-time!

Post by Donhost4449 » Thu Jul 26, 2018 4:59 pm

There is a new web page for Train Mountain Railroad that will be of particular interest to those that enjoy prototypical operating sessions on a model railroad that involve making up trains in the yard, crew calls, dispatching locals for switching jobs, through freights, mail trains, passenger trains, and so on. Train Mountain’s “OPS MEET” officially begins today, and will go through Sunday, July 29th. The page linked here shows photos captured around Train Mountain, and the photos can be viewed for the last couple of days. This site also shows the CTC signal system - you can watch real time the signal system switch trains thru the yards. The CTC pages refresh every 8 seconds, so you can sit back and just watch. Be advised that this is a web site that is under development - there might be bugs and hiccups. The page may go unavailable at any time, but it has some really cool stuff to watch. Remember, like everything to do with Train Mountain - have patience. Everything here is done by volunteers that are doing the very best they can.

Website link is http://www.trainmtn.org/DailyPhotos

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