Drill Press Recommendation

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Mr Ron
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Re: Drill Press Recommendation

Post by Mr Ron » Tue Dec 25, 2018 5:07 pm

There are many specifications that companies quote when pushing their product, but the one spec I take seriously is "weight". The heavier a machine is, the more stable it will be. I light weight HP DP may flex so much to make a hole not perpendicular to the table. Of course weight is not the only thing to consider, but other specs without a good weight means a cheaply made machine and may not be up to the job.
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Re: Drill Press Recommendation

Post by spro » Sun Dec 30, 2018 5:13 am

I've been eating crow a few days. I've been saying " Home Craft" Shop Craft and all those with narrow columns are entry level. We are talking about bench models, right? Dang. A friend was asking about a Rockwell 11-120 and I said it was crap, too flimsy etc. Turns out that it is the same small DP i have had mounted for years, across from my larger Walker Turner 20" . So, as Mr Ron said, it is weight but displacement by engineering is crucial. This particular bench top drill press is highly regarded by other users in other forums. I just thought it was cool. There are many types of steel, of course, of hollow columns but the base and table are secured by strong collars. The Delta Rockwell managed to have 11" swing by a narrow column and heavy castings of support. Mine is ser # AW 1757 . A newer is U 5897 as an example. The head unit is the same and they rock.

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