Best tap for aluminum

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Re: Best tap for aluminum

Post by spro » Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:14 pm

Well then you need to find or make those collets. The tapping units are larger to reproduce the reverse action of dedicated tapping machines. Their range is rather small considering their mass but that is the way it is. Many of the examples I've alluded to, do not have auto reverse but were used on lathes where reverse is easy. They tap and the tail stock ram pulls it back to idle position or to another drive position in reverse. There are different designs. The topic was about broken taps in aluminum which means the taps were seized by being dull and/ or seized by the chips. I didn't know if it was a blind hole but yes, H said it. He knew it wasn't, so the chips escape from the front. That is a different tap.

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