band saw vs power hack saw

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band saw vs power hack saw

Post by Anonymous » Sun Mar 02, 2003 3:46 pm

are there reasons to use a power hack saw over a band saw for cut off work.

is a power hack saw just an older way of cutting metal. all the ones i have seen appear to be very old.

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Re: band saw vs power hack saw

Post by Ray_S » Sun Mar 02, 2003 4:46 pm

Band saws are faster, they don't have to make a return stroke. I use a power hack saw because I can get the bandsaw blade left over from the end of the roll where I work. I cut it into 14 inch lengths and drill a hole in the ends with a carbide drill. Its 1inch blade and it works very well in a power hacksaw.


Re: band saw vs power hack saw

Post by Anonymous » Sun Mar 02, 2003 5:30 pm

If you have lots of time, use a power hacksaw. If your project requires any amount of cutting, you'll spend more time cutting than on the project itself. Had an EXCEL brand of saw ( advertised extensively in PM's issues in '40's and 50's) and sold it in favour of a 14" chop saw. Life is just too short to be hanging around waiting for that saw to finish each cut!

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Re: band saw vs power hack saw

Post by philinmt » Sun Mar 02, 2003 8:32 pm

Whats been said is not the whole story about hacksaws....I use a large hacksaw 18x18 It is true that a bandsaw with a NEW blade will out cut a hacksaw, but after a few cuts the hacksaw will outcut the bandsaw and will cut strighter anytime. Also if you blowout a tooth or two the band is done, with the hacksaw it doesnt hurt much and there is no cost comparision between the hacksaw vrs the bandsaw the hack is cheaper 10 to 1. The feed is stady with the hacksaw were the bandsaw is hap-hazard at best even with the high cost saws....Phil in Mt

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Re: band saw vs power hack saw

Post by Bill_Cook » Mon Mar 03, 2003 10:37 am

I chose the Power hacksaw because it was $50.
They are a simple old fashion way of doing it, which has its advantages. It's always ready. All the workins are in plane sight - no hidden sealed ball bearings, gear boxes, tires, or adjustments.
If it doesn't cut square, time to change the blade. Blade changing is easy enough to do it for any reason. Thin, rusty, hardened material, wanna try a different color...
Like the horizontal band saw, the operator doesn't have to watch the cut. He/she can be doing something else, so time isn't always an issue.
My wife finds the k-kwush - k-kwush - k-kwush - k-kwush pleasant. A plus in a home shop.
Wouldn't close the door on a bandsaw, just happy with what I got.


If there was only one way to do each machining job, the smell of sulphurized cutting oil smoke would have fewer fond memories.

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There's no denying the advantages

Post by Forrest_Addy » Mon Mar 03, 2003 12:14 pm

There's no denying those advantages unique to knee action power hack saws and those of band cut-off saws but don't forget the single most powerful influence in selecting machiney: operating cost.

Nowadays, a good used power hack saw is low in purchase price and tooling cost. What cost $5000 new in 1955 costs $400 used today. The availability of servicable old monsters on the market ensures cutting bang for the buck for them with few bucks and who don't mind spending a bit more time if it lowers purchase and operating cost.

OTH hand a band cut off saw is a good bit quicker than a power hacksaw so long as you compare apples to apples. It's hardly fair to compare a 3 HP Marvel 9A with a $139 1/3 HP HF 2" x 4" band cut-off saw.

Power hacksaws Vs band cut-off saws isn't a matter for partisan wrangling. It's a matter of economics. A band band cut-off saw will always out-perfrom a power hacksaw of comparable capacity and blade stock every time, usually by a factor of 3.

Here's a fer-instance:

I used to work at Lindmark Machine Works where the 80 year old owner only used power hacksaws, big strong ones. The biggest had a 16" capacity but its name escapes me. I do recall it has a 5 HP motor and it was the heavy duty leader of its class in its day. Old Bert showed me the brochure. Saws like this were expensive but people bought them because they were the best and most productive metal cutting saws on the market.

When things got busy and Lindmark ran out of machine tools they asked me to I stay home and work company jobs out of my home shop. They paid me wages, machine time and replaced any tooling consumed.

They sent me home one night with a piece of 7 dia HT 4140 for make four gear blanks. When I cut the stock at the end of the shift, it took 20 minutes for the big Marvel power hack saw to chew its way through the bar and that was using a fresh blade.

When I got home, I still had to cut it up into 3" long pieces. I have a cheap Enco 7 x 12 band cut off saw. Each cut took about 20 minutes and that was on a 3/4 HP Asina import saw using a bimatal blade. My junky Asian saw ran dead even with a heavy duty state of the art power hack saw from 40 years ago.

Had I that old power hacksaw's modern equivalent: a DoAll 12" heavy duty cut-off saw with a 5 HP motor, a 1" wide 3/2 pitch bi-metal blade, and the coolant that feels like watery snot, I could have cut them in 3 to 5 minutes apiece.

There's good reason why the old powerhacksaws have been replaced at the stock prep sections of steel yards and machine shop: they're no longer economical.

And power hacksaws take double the kerf. Material is money.

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