calling Colchester CHIPMASTER owners

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calling Colchester CHIPMASTER owners

Post by wally318 » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:08 pm

Hello. I'm just getting ready to set up my new to me Chipmaster lathe.
I've a question re: lubricants req'd. The manual specs Shell tellus 33 for
the gearbox which translates into tellus 68 hydraulic oil, which we use
on the CNC mills at the shop where I work.
But the headstock and variator are speced for shell tellus 10, which is
now Morlina 10. Not readily available up here in Canada and quite costly
to get from the states.

So the brunt of my question is this: Kopp says Morlina 10 is the only oil
for their variators. Fine. I can buy it by the litre from a kopp repair facility
near Toronto. A couple litres shouldn't cost much to ship. But from what
I know/can figure, it shouldn't take Morlina 10 to satisfy the needs of the
headstock bearings (bushings?) and seals. I figure there must be a more
common/less costly alternative for that application.
Any suggestions/imput would be appreciated.

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Re: calling Colchester CHIPMASTER owners

Post by rklopp » Sat Aug 12, 2017 11:08 pm

I use a mixture of 80% Mobil Velocite #6 and 20% Velocite #10 in the headstock of my Chipmaster. It is acceptable to blend oils to achieve a desired custom viscosity. My Chipmaster manual asks for Shell Tellus 15, with 42 Redwood #1 Viscosity at 140 degF. This viscosity converts to 11.7 centistokes (cST) at 40 degC, which are the modern units. Velocite #6 and Velocite #10 have 10 cST and 22 cST viscosity at 40 degC, respectively. The blending formula using cSt inputs is

Vblend = exp[f * ln(V1)+(1-f) * ln(V2)],

where f is the volume fraction of the oil with viscosity V1 and 1-f is the volume fraction of the oil with viscosity V2.

11.7 = exp[0.8 * ln(10)+0.2 * ln(22)] ... sity.shtml

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Re: calling Colchester CHIPMASTER owners

Post by spro » Sun Aug 13, 2017 3:04 pm

Hello rklopp. The only reason for my reply is to bolster your suggestions of lubrication. The Colchesters used super precision headstock bearings. Very very expensive bearings.

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