Random Heavy 10 Parts wanted

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Random Heavy 10 Parts wanted

Post by makinsmoke » Mon May 21, 2018 8:31 am

I’ve got a 1940 single tumbler heavy 10.

I’m looking for the screws or studs, or dimensions of the same that hold the one piece end cover on.

Right now there are a couple of pieces of all thread in there about a thread and a half. Obviously the wrong threads. The two aluminum?
knurled nuts that hold the cover on are threaded completely different. Looking at the parts list and photos I can’t even tell what’s right. Help?

Also looking for the small 28 tooth gear. Doesn’t have to be new, just substantially better than what I have now.

And maybe the little angled round stock that keeps the compound locked onto the slide? I have one and the Allen screw. Need the other side.

And maybe an Oiler cup and tube for the apron?

See, random.


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