Policy on Commercial Advertising...Please note...

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Policy on Commercial Advertising...Please note...

Postby AllThumbz » Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:12 pm

Individuals may buy and sell among each other- we have a buy/sell forum for those types of activities, and that is the preferred venue. I personally have no problem on the Lathes and Milling Machines forums with "in context" selling of parts and even whole machines among individuals, (i.e. "I need a bull gear for a SouthBend Heavy 10", "I have one, pm me") unless Mike, Marty, or Harold tell me otherwise. That merely facilitates our use and/or enjoyment of our machines and our hobby.

As for commercial advertisements, we do have a commercial advertisements section for those. All commerical advertisements must be posted there. If the topic fits a thread there is no problem with commercial sellers saying, "we make something like that...please take a peek at our ad here .... in the commercial advertisements section." Most of the detail of the product should be posted in the commercial ad section. We do want the small suppliers to survive so supporting them is good. Some boards get so full of commercial ads that the board is unusable...and we don't want that.

Thanks for your cooperation in this regard.



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