Dial Indicator warning light

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Dial Indicator warning light

Post by earlgo » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:54 pm

Being too cheap to buy a set of DRO's for my ancient horizontal mill, I use a dial indicator on my z axis. Well I have damaged a couple of them because I apparently can't think, crank and watch at the same time. So after I bought a 2" travel dial indicator it was time to put a warning light on it so it would tell me when I was nearing the end of the stroke.
Here are pics of how it works. Approaching the limit
DI Warning #1.JPG
reaching the limit
DI Warning #2.JPG
Powered by one of those $2.75 dog collar flasher units available at your local store. I had to make up the switch body and contacts, but it works very well.
SWITCH - Sheet1.jpg
The flasher unit is the flat doodad in the center: an integrated circuit board with 2 alternating flashing LEDs. The whole assembly slides up and down on a mini-track found at your local woodworking shop and is locked in place by clamps.
Another project finished and perhaps a DI off the injured list to boot.
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Re: Dial Indicator warning light

Post by SteveM » Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:37 pm

Got your DI off the DL.

Simple, effective and cheap. Just like me.


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