New to me Bridgeport clone!

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Re: New to me Bridgeport clone!

Post by whateg0 » Tue Apr 30, 2019 3:03 pm

David2011 wrote:
Mon Apr 29, 2019 6:25 pm
A tip I read somewhere worked out well for moving a mill once you have it off the trailer. Many mills have holes in the corners of the base. Those holes are often the perfect size to be tapped with a 3/4" NC tap. I did that and made lifting bolts from 3/4" threaded rod cut into 9" pieces and pinned nuts to the top end with roll pins. I use the bolts to raise the mill up so I can put pipe rollers under it and then to level the machine. I've bedded the base by laying aluminum foil on the concrete, mix up some Portland cement kind of thick and put another strip of foil over the cement. I leveled by lowering one corner at a time until I got level on that edge working in either clockwise or counterclockwise progression. As with machining, there's no backing up. If you have to, you start over by raising the mound of cement so the base can settle into the cement again. When I moved the bedding came up from the concrete without leaving a trace.
I doubt I will bed the mill. I will have to see what the underside of the base looks like for leveling, but I might just get it in place and use wedges to keep it from rocking. Moving this stuff is pretty easy for me. I just put it on a pallet jack and wheel it around with ease. Even small steps like the edge of the garage floor are easy to maneuver by sitting the machine forward on the forks a couple inches, let the machine down on blocks, then wheel the empty pallet jack over the edge, and pick the machine back up again.


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