Bucyrus Erie 250T Derrick in 1.5"

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Re: Bucyrus Erie 250T Derrick in 1.5"

Post by Atkinson_Railroad » Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:48 am


Photo(s) of my wrecker can be found here: http://ibls.org/mediawiki/index.php?tit ... cker_2.jpg

Eventually, a reconditioning build log and video series I’m working on will show up on chaski.

I want to point out something about constructing these cranes that Dan obviously discovered
when building his wrecker. Using rope made from material other than metal instantly solves
issues related to boom hoist and block operation(s). Metal hoist rope tends to be too stiff not allowing
the weight of hoist blocks to hang naturally in operation and at rest.
Dan’s choice of using yacht rope provided a very good solution to that obstacle.

Again, nice wrecker.


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Re: Bucyrus Erie 250T Derrick in 1.5"

Post by ccvstmr » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:35 am


Excellent model work! No doubt you've captured the essence of "big hooks". From your photos, your model looks to probably tip the scales at a scale weight as well. In particular, when I saw the engine hoist in your garage shop used to lift model pieces. Job well done. And I'm sure it's an eye-catcher whenever the crane is out in the sunlight.

Have to say, when I started in the hobby ('87'ish), economic graphic methods were somewhat limited. I used the same reverse image lettering method you described. Paint the surface white...apply adhesive back individual letters (what a PITA that was)...over spray with the final color and then go back and peel off the lettering. Car data was the worse...small numbers and lots of zero's!

During my school days...used to visit a nearby RR museum. They had a steam operated Barnhardt crane. Something in the 15 to 20 ton rating if I remember right. The operator cab had pedals and levers all over the place. Standing in that thing while running on a cold Winter day...your face would be numb from the cold...while your back was up against the vertical boiler...and roasting.

Back to your model...great job. Something to be proud of. Hope you get to enjoy that for many years! What's next? The service car that usually went along with the hook? :lol: Carl B.
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Re: Bucyrus Erie 250T Derrick in 1.5"

Post by DanSmo » Sun Mar 19, 2017 8:30 pm

Thanks spro, I'm glad I could bring back those memories!

Carl, yes next up is the boom car! I'll build it from one of Precision Steel Cars flat car kits. I'm make up some scale lifting equipment and tools to fill the deck. Pictures of boom cars are even more scarce than pictures of the cranes so a bit of artistic licence might be called upon.

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