Free and easy to learn 3D CAD

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Re: Free and easy to learn 3D CAD

Post by Patio » Fri Mar 16, 2018 11:23 pm

I think Solidworks was the easiest to use, starting from, not knowing much. I thought it to be pretty intuitive, in operation, and easy to set clearances and locate interferences.
I use Fusion 360 now. I think it is real close to SW, in operations and the price is better for hobbyist (free).
It now has a sheet metal section, (Draw it in 3D, then fold it flat). It does Animation, (Stress tests). It does CAM, (generates G-code).
It can make drawings from the 3D part, where you place only the dimensions you want seen. For me, this is the best part, being I have manual machines, and I can take the drawings to my shop.
I do not know how to set clearances with it yet. (Guess I need to go figure that one out! :) ).
It also allows one to collaborate with others, within the software, as a guest.
Either way, I find it easy to use, extremely powerful and very useful.
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Re: Free and easy to learn 3D CAD

Post by JohnR » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:01 pm

Anybody taken a look at cad software called " freecad ". pretty powerful.
A lot of people are using it in the 3d printing community.

John Hasler
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Re: Free and easy to learn 3D CAD

Post by John Hasler » Sun Aug 26, 2018 5:55 pm

I've used it. Powerful but complex and somewhat buggy. Don't select "US Customary Units" from the "Units" menu ro you will forced to dimension in inches, feet, and yards (they are European and I think they did that intentionally to thumb their noses at us). Select "Imperial". Freecad also has lots of libraries and add-ons.

I'm currently checking out Solvespace ( Seems simpler to use and more solid than Freecad but more limited. For example, You *will* have three decimal place in Imperial and two in metric.

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