ASR - Reading T-1 2100 2016 Roundhouse Report July 9, 2016

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ASR - Reading T-1 2100 2016 Roundhouse Report July 9, 2016

Post by Rob Gardner » Sat Jul 30, 2016 9:57 pm

Evening, all! Sorry for the lengthy dry spell since the last 2100 roundhouse report. The month of July has been a busy and productive one in Cleveland at 2800 W. 3rd St. for ASR. On July 9, the following volunteers were in attendance to help get the 2100 a little closer to her first hydro test:

• Gordon Hartschuh
• Greg Brown
• Tom Gross
• Eric Kapusta
• Forrest Nace
• Paul Volosyn

We made excellent progress toward closing up the boiler for initial hydro testing. Washout plug caps have been painted and gaskets installed. All but four of the washout plugs were lapped and caps installed. Measurements were verified for ordering cover plates and flange covers for the blowdown port and dry pipe. Gaskets were made for the dry pipe and other bolt on castings. Bolts, washers, and nuts are on order for securing flanges and covers. UT readings continued. The siphon tubes in the firebox are now completed. All that remains to complete the firebox is the crown sheet. A birthday party was being held at Midwest and Forrest gave a quick tour of locomotive 2100 to the party goers. The boiler check valves need to be inspected to see if lapping if necessary and will do so as soon as time permits.

Upcoming Work Session Tasks:
The following tasks are planned for the upcoming work sessions in July including:
• Install the cover plate on the dry pipe
• Seal the steam dome with a new copper gasket
• Finish installation of the four (4) remaining washout plugs with new gaskets
• Build a test air fill port assembly for the blowdown flange
• Build a water fill port assembly to connect a hose to a fire hydrant
• Complete an initial air test and fix all detected leaks
• Complete a hydrostatic test and fix all detected leaks
• Remove red 3M adhesive reflective material from side skirts

Photo 1 - Volunteer Paul Volosyn tightens down a washout plug with new gasket in place
Photo 2 - Measuring for a new gasket


Rob Gardner, on behalf of
Gordon Hartschuh, ASR Foreman
Paul V Washout Plug Resized.jpg
Here, volunteer Paul Volosyn, tightens down on washout plug with new Teflon gasket.
Paul V Washout Plug Resized.jpg (11.11 KiB) Viewed 1014 times
Measuring for gasket Resized.jpg
Measuring for another gasket to seal up the boiler for its hydro test.
Measuring for gasket Resized.jpg (10.46 KiB) Viewed 1014 times

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