Fire watch, solid fuel run at Train Mountain?

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Fire watch, solid fuel run at Train Mountain?

Postby johnpenn74 » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:40 pm

As I opened the most recent copy of TM Gazette I got to wondering about the upcoming 2018 Triennial and made a quick thoughts about attending. Sadly the answer is no, as I am all grates and solid fuel. Oh well,...

But this led me to ask the question, why isn't there a single run, once a year for solid fuel/ oil types at TM?

I retreated the video archive where I recall watching an old video by Jack Lucks where he makes mention of "fire watch positions" at GVLS in California. Pretty sure they had fire issues and this was done in order to make sure no incident occured or got out of control. I even recall being put on watch on the WB&S and make the hourly lap on the 00 to check potential problems. Seems to work there also..

Sure TM is bigger but is it beyond our faculty to staff, spot, and intercept fire? Does this part of Oregon have a wet season? It does snow there right?

Seriously, how many folks from the solid fuel/ oil crowd would attend the "once a year solid fuel meet" it it you could bring and run your equipment?


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Re: Fire watch, solid fuel run at Train Mountain?

Postby Harlock » Thu Aug 31, 2017 9:52 pm

Seems winter would be a good candidate for that. I don't mind running in cold weather at all. Good condensation makes for great photos. Although the risk is that it could be downright rainy on any given weekend, so planning in advance is difficult for people coming from out of town.
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Re: Fire watch, solid fuel run at Train Mountain?

Postby mattmason » Fri Sep 01, 2017 11:24 pm

I'm good with rain (or snow). I'd be up for it and would go up to run in late winter/early spring. Might even join again and go up since it would be a group of us rock burners.

Anyone who knows me, knows I am --slightly-- on the coal bandwagon. (I will hold a hot dog over my friends who are steaming up on dinosaur farts. We all have fun with it.) But this is a TM decision. I don't agree, but it is theirs to make. They will balance the decision between if it hurts or doesn't mean anything. I understand their reasoning during the summer. I don't run coal during the summer and my risk is significantly less than theirs, but winter just seems stupid to me. Questioning is OK, but please don't make this personal and hate those who made it.

P.S. DId I say that I like the idea of a solid fuel/oil event? Honestly, just south of the road for the event would be MORE than plenty for me. And I'll take a shift on fire patrol for two hours during it.
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Re: Fire watch, solid fuel run at Train Mountain?

Postby Oktrainboys » Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:17 am

John Haines' Tintern Abbey is now a coal burner, and she has not been to TM since about 1998. I would LOVE to attack the serpentine with her on a chilly calm morning. Does anybody know the min radius of curvature of the track from the offloading bay to the serpentine? Is it 60 feet plus?

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