Classification lamps and flag mount brackets

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Classification lamps and flag mount brackets

Post by DaveD » Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:50 am

I just received a beautiful pair of classification lamps for my B&O P7 from Patrick at Live Steam Warehouse and am making some minor alterations to make them look more like the units that B&O used. I have many P7 prototype front end photos that clearly show the shape of the lamps, but none show very clearly how they are mounted. It does look like the lamp mount brackets make use of flag brackets mounted to the smoke box cover and other live steam items appear to generally verify that. And I understand that flags were used during daytime runs and lamps at night, so this makes sense.
P-7 from front left_classification lamp and flag mount.jpg
The 5300 today with flag bracket?
What appears to be a flag bracket in the above photo.
my smoke box cover with bracket holes.jpg
My P7
My smoke box ready for bracket (two threaded holes lower right).
President Washington classification lamp.jpg
Original 5300 classification lamp mount
President Washington classification lamp.jpg (51.76 KiB) Viewed 872 times
The best photo I have of the mounting bracket, from one of the publicity photos of 1927. It looks a lot like the bracket in the previous photo.
Dave Dalton

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