Friends Models: new email address

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Friends Models: new email address

Post by JohnK » Wed Oct 25, 2017 3:20 pm

Dear Group,

I've become aware that some people have been emailing me and I don't receive it, and some people whose emails I do receive, I reply but those people do not receive my reply. There seems to be no obvious reason for it, or pattern to it....communications with some of you are 100%, and with others, 50%. But with some, it's 0%.

For this reason, I am stopping the use of Please from this point forward contact me at:

If any of you emailed me in recent months and did not receive a reply, I either didn't receive it, or, I did receive it and replied but for some reason my reply was not delivered to you. Please write to me again, if this is the case, at:

The phone at the shop is 978-922-4400. The 24-hour fax line is 978-922-4409. The website is

I do have a Constant Contact "email list" that you're invited to join if you like. I send out announcements, product updates, information, and special sales, etc. from time to time. Sign up please on the home page; you can unsubscribe at any time.

And a reminder please, that we moved the shop to Beverly, Mass. 01915 recently. The prior Woburn, Mass. location is no longer valid.

Thank you,

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