REAL Scary!

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Re: REAL Scary!

Post by Marty_Knox » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:46 pm

jschoenly wrote:Saw some of this boiler, Absolutely crazy. This must have used some REALLY terrible water on top of the neglect. Marty - Do you think there was some off spec steel used? I just couldn't believe the sheets of rust in this thing. For the age it nearly seems impossible but obviously we are seeing it....
Jared, I don't know what specification was of the original plate. As far as I can tell it was originally 1/4" thick. Years ago I built a replacement for a boiler that failed after only 2 years.
This shows the importance of a boiler maintenance program. Inspection, water treatment, washing out, and proper storage should all be part of the program.

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