2-1/2" Scale brake valves

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2-1/2" Scale brake valves

Post by JBodenmann » Thu Nov 02, 2017 12:30 pm

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Hello My Friends
Here are a couple photos of the new 2-1/2'" scale brake valves. Both S6 and H6 are available and in stock. The main body castings are bronze, the operating handles are yellow brass. The valve discs are cast iron, the operating shafts are 303 stainless, detent ring is hardened steel. O ring seals are Buna N. They have detent located positions for release, lap, service application, and emergency application. The S6 (engine brakes) is available only as a straight air valve. The H6 , automatic air valve is available as a straight air valve, automatic air valve or also straight or automatic vacuum. Vacuum valves at a slight extra cost. These valves will not work with steam. Let me know if you would like a steam brake valve and if there is enough interest I will make some. See the for sale section for more photos and pricing and availability.
Happy Model building
JackAvailable only machined assembled and painted satin black.
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Re: 2-1/2" Scale brake valves

Post by amarget » Thu Nov 02, 2017 7:57 pm

Hi Jack. Drew Marget from Melbourne Australia. I have Bruno's K 36 over here and I am very interested in purchasing these brake valves. Interestingly, the loco is set up with the S6 as the train brake valve which runs on air and the H6 as the engine brake which runs on steam. I am not sure why however that is how Bruno set it up and it works very well. So at the moment I would be interested in purchasing an S6 from you to replace the one currently on the loco and if you were to make an H6 to operate on steam down the track I would be very interested in replacing the current valve fitted as it is Ok but not great. I am not sure how to PM messages however if you would like I can also email you to discuss further.
Thanks Jack

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