What is "Live Steam"?

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Re: What is "Live Steam"?

Post by dnevil » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:40 pm

Harold, NP317,

Good points. My goal is not to start a steam vs diesel war. When I tell others about my 1.5 inch scale caboose I might refer to it as a "live steam caboose", because it runs on a "live steam track" at the "live steam club" I belong to. I think the term has been generalized for quite some time. The wonderful publication "Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading" was previously named just "Live Steam" (starting in 1966), and they didn't hesitate to cover articles on non-steam motive power. You can buy and sell non-steam equipment on DiscoverLiveSteam.com. The best way to look for steam and non-steam equipment on eBay.com is to use the term "live steam".

You would think after all these years we (in the hobby) would have come up with a more generic, more descriptive term to name our hobby, perhaps just the last two words of "Live Steam and Outdoor Railroading". Honestly I'm not sure how many non-railroadfans even understand what I mean when I mention "live steam".

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Re: What is "Live Steam"?

Post by LVRR2095 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:47 pm

When I mention “live steamers” here in Maine folks think I’m talking about clams.....


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