Tender bladder

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Re: Tender bladder

Post by steamtrainguy » Mon Jan 22, 2018 5:24 pm

Since this subject is about tender tanks here goes.I'm building a Railroad Supply 2-6-0 and I have a fiberglass tender tank to use .I have 2 Locoparts tender water valves to install but here is the problem I'm trying to figure out.They are to be installed up through the steel floor,into the fiberglass tank.Anyone familiar with these one piece tanks knows there is limited space in the water legs,so how do you go about properly sealing around the water valves without possibly plugging the water intake holes on the valves.This shouldn't be so complicated,but it seems to be.My friend and I have discussed maybe just building a all steel tender,but I would really like to make do with what I have,if possible.I hope I have explained this right.

James Powell
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Re: Tender bladder

Post by James Powell » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:14 pm

The tank for our 3.5" gauge Caribou is plastic...but it's the entire thing, no liner or smurf all else, just a plastic box on the shortest tender possible with the trucks. Works well, saved lots of work for what is supposed to be my "running" engine. Now, if I'd get off my duff and finish putting the injector on, I could try it and see how well it works after a 5 year break :)


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