Washington State Boiler Certification Changes

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Washington State Boiler Certification Changes

Post by NP317 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:36 pm

I poste this in another subject post, but it warrants it's own thread, and may be helpful for many.

For those not familiar with Washington State Hobby Boiler certification, it has been an annual requirement, in front of a State Inspector. Plus $$ fees.
But as of this June, the State is no longer performing annual re-certifications, leaving that to local clubs.
Remarkably, the Washington State Inspectors requested this change in the Law (!), because they recognized the safety of the Hobby Boilers,
having never had a catastrophic pressure vessel failure! So they "deregulated" themselves from the annual requirement, and got the new law passed by the WA State Legislature.
Kitsap Live Steamers were also involved in pushing this legislation through the State.
Unusual and smart. And makes NorthWest USA Live Steamers' lives MUCH easier.

The clubs/organizations will need to follow similar hydrostatic and steam test protocols, and keep records for State inspection, if ever needed.
Boilers seeking their first certification still require:
1) The strength calculations and State Forms (a copy given to WA State L & I Pressure Vessel Division for evaluation)
2) The first hydro and steam tests to be performed with a State Inspector.
3) Fees apply, usually $50 - $75. A one time payment now instead of annual.

The calculation and paper records requirements are posted on the Kitsap Live Steamers website in the Links section, available to any interested persons.
http://kitsaplivesteamers.org (Select the "Links" page)
The new Club Testing requirements will also be posted there by KLS, as soon as they are completely defined.
These re-certification tests will no longer require an annual gathering, and can be performed pretty much any time the Club Inspectors are available.
That will be determined by each organization.

Because I now live in Oregon, the question arose if I can still get a Washington certification.
Answer from the State Inspector: Yes, as a member of the Kitsap Live Steamers. I've been a member for 19 years and will continue my membership.
I want the Washington Certification for the 150 psi Maximum Allowed Operating Pressure, where Oregon limits MAOP to 100 psi.
My saturated boilers need the extra pressure for non-shower (dryer) operation.
And Train Mountain has stated they will accept the KLS certification the same as the WA State license.

All good news for our Hobby.
Cheers (whistles) and (dryer) Steam,

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