Short u tube worth watching

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Short u tube worth watching

Post by Doug_Edwards » Fri Oct 05, 2018 9:57 pm


I came across a u tube by accident that I have enjoyed watching. It is short, just over a minute, but is interesting footage of a SP 2-8-2 getting started.

There are a couple of things happening here that I found rather interesting. First is that there is a noticeable steam leak at the front cylinder head when steam is pushing the cylinder back. Secondly, the drivers slip slightly two times when the Mike is starting. If you don't watch the drivers, it is easy to miss. Good control by the engineer, they don't slip much.

Some notes on this loco: This is one of the first class of Mikes purchased by the SP. The cylinders have been changed, as the original cylinders had the valve centerlines inside of the cylinder center lines, and had a transfer bar to move the motion from the valve gear over to the valve center line. This now has the Alco patented valve guides installed on the back of the valve chests. This loco is equipped with a "clam shell" stack, which in the video is open. When the two halves, front and back, are brought together, the blast is redirected back rather than straight up to reduce the effects of the blast on the roof of snow sheds. Another version of this is an elbow that comes forward over the stack to redirect the blast.

This loco also has an air pump on the right hand side. This was only present when there was another pump or a feedwater heater on the left side.
Note in the first shot of the engine starting, it has a "sport cab" with the front wall of the cab angled back, but in the middle of the video, it has the original cab with the straight vertical wall!

There is also a nice size comparison with the NG 4-6-0 next to the Mike in later scenes. This NG loco has recently been restored to steam.

Nice footage, wish there was more!


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