Happy New Year All

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Happy New Year All

Post by Gra2472 » Tue Jan 04, 2022 12:49 pm

Happy new year live steamers. I haven’t been around the boards for a while. The last part of 2021 was a doozy. I meant to have our golden spike ceremony here on the WCOV last September, but after losing my job, the loss of my grandmother, and few other issues, we have been delayed. Not the least of which, I had lost the spikes! Well, to be honest, we cleaned the house stem to stern with the help of my mother in law for a family gathering after the funeral, and the spikes were “put away” by my wife. The only trouble is, she couldn’t find them afterwards. Last week I found them in a folder in the back of my office filing cabinet. So, as soon a things dry out around here and I can finish installing a new switch, we will have our ceremony. For those of you who donated the spikes, I thank you for your patience.

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