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Postwarbob's favorite but elusive locomotive.

Posted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 8:54 pm
by keyrouteken
Hi everybody. Brand new member checking in. Wanted to send greetings to all and to kind of "tease" Postwarbob by attaching a photo of one of his favorite, but most elusive locomotives, he would love to have in his collection.

It is a Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Class P-4 "Pacific-type" with vanderbilt tender, all brass, 3 1/2 gauge, built in 1953. More details provided on request. The locomotive has easily pulled twelve adults using four flatcars, with six children sitting in their laps.
Built over a three-year period using rough castings and raw materials by the late "Victor Shattock", well-known West Coast live steam pioneer. This engine is but one of twenty+ locomotives that "Vic" built in his lifetime.
The full size steam locomotive whistle pictured with the model came from the prototype SP 2422 locomotive. Enjoy this look back !


Re: Postwarbob's favorite but elusive locomotive.

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 11:02 am
by Postwarbob
Ken Welcome to Chaski. Maybe this post will turn up where this loco is. Yes , I would like to own it considering how many miles I put on it at the GGLS facility. You can post the 1/2" engine I bought that Vic built in 1937 if you would like. I'm sure the Chaski boys and girls will enjoy the history you have in you library. Interest in small scales is coming back. I guess it's because we are getting older and they are easier to move around. LOL. Bob...........

Re: Postwarbob's favorite but elusive locomotive.

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 9:08 pm
by keyrouteken
Here is another "Vic Shattock" locomotive in 1/2-inch scale, 2 1/2 inch gauge.
Baltimore & Ohio # 5300 "President Washington" 4-6-2. Vic built this engine as part of a joint project with GGLS member "Al Hopkins" in the 1934--1936 time frame.
It was featured in an article in a 1936 copy of "The Modelmaker" magazine.

Earlier in 2011, the widow and family turned up at a GGLS function and said that her husband had recently passed away and left some train things they would like to sell.
"Postwarbob" bought # 5300 without blinking and member Sheldon Yee bought Vic's British Stirling-single. Lucky they were at the track that day, huh ?