Mechanical vs. Displacement/hydrostatic lubricators

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Re: Mechanical vs. Displacement/hydrostatic lubricators

Post by DianneB » Tue May 01, 2018 6:54 am

I have no experience with displacement lubricators but I will offer some comments on mechanical lubricators.

When I bought my LE American in 2012, I had a he!! of a time with the original oiler! The engine had not been getting proper lubrication for a LONG time - the cylinders were very rusty and had to be refinished, new rings, and new piston. To make a year-long story much shorter, the check valves at the valve chest cover were leaking a tiny amount of steam, so was the check in the single-pump oiler, so the steam condensed in the bottom of the oil tank so there was no oil to pump even if the pump tried to pump. Being a single piston oiler, if there was a steam leak through either check, neither side got any oil. The oiler was also a ratchet type and drive from the valve gear so, if you 'notched up' there wasn't enough movement to advance the oiler.

The smallest dual-pump oiler I could find for the American was a bit large and required modifying the running board but gives enough capacity for a weekend's running. The linkage was moved to the crosshead to give constant motion and a small commercial check valve was added in each oil line to backup the checks in the oiler. Seven years of trouble-free running since the changes and no complaints.

... just my experience.
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