Homemade CNC Indexer

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Homemade CNC Indexer

Post by JimGlass » Thu May 31, 2012 5:38 pm

The indexer is complete and works quite well. Backlash is very minumal. I used a 30 tooth wormgear and worm purchased on Ebay. I wanted strong gears.


larger picture

See it run, Careful audio is loud

To address the backlash issue I mounted the worm and worm gear is separate blocks of
castiron. I surface ground the mating surfaces to reduce backlash (gear clearance) and not have the gears bind. I have the backlash to almost "0"


The worm is mounted in its own block of castiron and inside a pocket. Endplay of the worm is in the area of .0005". Notice the key is about the same length as one of the spacers. I almost made something that could not be assembled.


Larger view of worm assembly

Surface grinding the gear fit.
Grinding gear fit

More pics of Indexer

Hope this was of interest.
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