Bed Plates

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Re: Bed Plates

Post by Harvey M Richards » Thu Mar 21, 2013 12:00 pm

chief wrote:Harvey,

Great addition to this thread! I've been making plates following Glenn's lead for a while, but I really like you bridge plate. Sometimes there is just one small step the plates make easier, but you hate to move the vise, then have to re-zero it. Especially as I get older, that darn vise gets heavier. :)

When I have guys working for me, I don't think twice about having the vise removed. If it's just me, I'd better have a real good reason to remove it. Same goes for the chucks on the lathe.

I also like to keep the mill vise about 5 or 6" off of center (this depends on the size of your bed), so I have room to attach something to the bed if I need to.

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